Trump claims to have leaked the ‘fake tan’ photo of Hawaii’s ‘Naked’ singer

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The President of the United States is claiming that he has leaked a photo of the singer’s naked body on Instagram.

Trump posted a photo from the Hawaiian island of Tahiti on Saturday and captioned it, “Got some real tanning to do!”

Trump’s tweet included a picture of a nude Hawaiian woman with the caption, “Naked Hawaiian woman wearing a fake tan.”

The caption was removed by Trump shortly after.

The image has since been removed from the President’s Instagram page.

The singer’s image has been featured on the front pages of magazines and tabloids and has sparked a wave of criticism, with critics calling the photo exploitative and racist.

“I know my skin is dark, but when I saw the photos of me on the beach in Tahiti, I felt like I was getting an extra dose of sun.

But it was just my own little tanning session, it was not real tan,” Tahiti-based singer and actor Anani Kapo told ABC News.

Kapo, who performs under the name Anani-Chan, also spoke out against the photos in an Instagram post Sunday.

“Happily, the President of The United States has removed my image from his Instagram account and is taking me down for good,” she wrote.

“I don’t know what else to say except I’m proud of my skin, and I am proud of the amazing Hawaiian people.

My skin is beautiful, and my tanning experience is a little bit special.”

The photo of Kapo was snapped in Hawaii on Sunday.

It showed her wearing a green top, white pants and a long white top.

The photo caption read, “Happy tanning!

My name is Anani.

I’m 25 years old and I have a beautiful tan.”

Trump’s comments came after Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin said the President has been violating federal law in an attempt to embarrass Kapo.

“The President’s actions are a disgraceful attempt to smear an innocent Hawaiian who was attempting to bring awareness to his own government’s failure to protect the Hawaiian people,” Chin said in a statement Sunday.

Trump’s tweets Saturday came after a Hawaiian woman named Kia Saini said she and her sister went to Tahiti to see a celebrity tanning at a hotel, and were shocked to find that the photographer was actually posing as the singer.

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