What’s next in Maui tan line?

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Maui, Hawaii – It’s not easy being an Australian in Mauio.

A new luxury brand, Maui Tanning, is the only company offering tanning services in the state, which has a population of just over 2 million.

“We’ve got to be a bit careful with the marketing around this brand because there’s no tanning salon in Mauios’ capital city,” said Tony Fagundez, a retail consultant in Mauin and founder of Maui Tanners.

“If you want to be more competitive, you have to be careful not to say, ‘I’m a tanning therapist’.”

It’s more of, ‘If I have to go to the beach, I want to get my skin as shiny as possible’.

“Maui Tannery’s new website promises to give its customers the most comfortable and healthy tanning experience they’ll ever have.”

It won’t be like tanning booths you see in other cities.

We’re going to put our customer in the sun,” the website says.”

You’ll get a really nice tan.

It’s going to look and feel natural and healthy.

And there’ll be no breakouts or skin irritation.

“Mauio Tanning has been in business for over 20 years and has been the leading brand in the Maui region for several years.”

There’s not really a tannery anywhere in Mauie,” Mr Fagunetz said.”

When you visit Mauie you don’t see a tanneries or tanning parlours.

You see a spa.

“They don’t even do that in the States.

The company’s first two stores opened in Mauis north west district in January and the third in the city of Kaipi in the south. “

But we’re very confident that we’re going in a direction that is going to be beneficial for our customers.”

The company’s first two stores opened in Mauis north west district in January and the third in the city of Kaipi in the south.

The company has now opened five new locations across the island and is hoping to open three more by the end of the year.

“The market in the US is really hot, particularly in Hawaii, but also in Hawaii and other states,” Mr Aoki said.

“We have the best products.

It is a very competitive market, but we’re trying to take advantage of that.”

Mr Fagungez said he hoped the success of the brand would help the state gain more retail and leisure businesses, particularly the beach-side areas of Mauio that were being flooded with tourists.

“People love beaches, they want to see that beach.

They don’t want to go back to their car and drive down the street,” he said.

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