How to get tan on your face?

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A recent spate of viral images of women wearing their face tanning products has prompted concern among some tanning experts.

The latest trend involves a variety of products containing a chemical called tanning salt which has been blamed for a variety other health problems including skin irritation, skin bleaching, and cancer.

The chemical is usually added to the products to make them more absorbent.

The Australian Cosmetic Institute’s Dr Jennifer Kelly told the ABC it was likely that the current trend was being promoted to promote the tanning industry.

“It’s an advertising campaign,” she said.

“There is a clear understanding that this product is an effective treatment for the skin.”

We see the advertising campaigns and we see what the consumer thinks of it.

“And then we see the marketing, and we get a lot of consumers saying that it is great for their skin and they’re looking forward to a good tan.”

“It does help, but it also creates a whole set of problems for the health of their skin, and also for their overall complexion.”

Dr Kelly said there was no evidence the products were dangerous.

“In my experience there is no evidence that these products cause health problems,” she told the Nine Network.

“People need to be aware that when it comes to skin care, if it’s good for you, it should be good for your skin.”

A few other brands are also selling tanning cream, hair removal products, and sunscreen.

The use of these products has been criticised in some areas, with some claiming they are unsafe and even harmful.

However, Dr Kelly said the tan industry needed to take a stand and protect its workers from harm.

“What we need to do is stop promoting these products, which is not the right thing to do,” she explained.

“If we’re going to put these products out there, we need them to be safe.”

The tanning industries workers have to be able to use these products.

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