Outdoor tanning is a dream for many, but for some, it’s a nightmare

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Outdoor tanneries have long been a niche industry, but this summer has brought an explosion of popularity.

As more people opt to stay indoors, indoor tannery owners are finding that a lot of their customers aren’t ready to go outdoors.

Some prefer to stay inside to cool down and to keep their bodies in check, but they’re also worried about the impact of the sun on their skin.

But outdoor tanning doesn’t have to be as risky as you might think.

For indoor tanners, the only real risk is getting sunburned, but there are many other benefits to the experience.

Here are some tips to keep indoor tanneria safe and comfortable.


Keep it a secret If you’re planning to go to the tanning booth, make sure you tell your co-worker, your boss, or any other person who might know where you’re going that you’re coming.

The only way to be safe is to stay home.


Never leave the office without permission It’s best to leave your office door unlocked, as you’ll have a harder time finding a tan.

Also, never leave the tan room unattended.


Keep your bags and other personal belongings separate In the sun, there can be up to a 50% chance of getting sunburnt, and the best thing to do is to keep your personal belongings away from the tan booth.

Make sure you wear protective clothing such as gloves and a long sleeve shirt, and keep your cell phone or laptop away from your body.


Don’t use mirrors or solar panels It can be a good idea to keep some of your tanning equipment in the back of your car or garage, but keep them out of direct sunlight.

Sunscreens can also work to reduce the risk of sunburn.

If you use a solar panel, you should only use it when you have sunburn protection, or if you’re using it to heat a hot water bottle, for example.

If using a solar power inverter, always use the power only when you’re completely cool and not sweating.


Use a good shade When you’re tanning, it helps to use a shade to keep the sun out of your eyes and keep the tanbing experience safe.

Avoid direct sunlight in direct sunlight, which can cause damage to your eyes, nose, and mouth.

If there’s no shade available, you can use a clear plastic bag or a piece of cloth to cover the area of your body that needs to be tanbed.


Keep sunscreen on when you go outdoors If you want to tan indoors, there’s still the issue of sunscreen, which is always recommended to keep in the shade.

But it can also be a problem if the sun is high in the sky and there’s too much sun in the room.

If your tan is too intense, the sun can also damage your skin.

You can always use a protective headband, sunglasses, or face shield to keep you cool.

For more tips on tanning and outdoor tanbing, check out our article: 10 Things You Should Know About Outdoor Tanning.


Wash your hands and eyes Before you go to tanning booths, wash your hands well, and take care of your hands when tanning.

It’s also a good time to wash your face and neck.


Don a mask You can wear a mask to help protect your skin from the sun.

Donning a mask, however, is not recommended for everyone, because the mask can irritate your skin and can also make you more susceptible to sunburn, especially if you have skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.


Keep a hydration bottle You can also keep a hydrating bottle handy to drink water while tanning if you need to.

However, a hydating bottle is a good thing to have on hand, especially for people with diabetes.

If it doesn’t, try drinking it from a cup or bottle instead.


Don the protective mask When you tan, you want the sun to be out of the way, so wear a long, thin mask that doesn’t interfere with your tan.

However: Don’t wear a face mask while tanbing.

Some people prefer to wear a sunscreen with a face covering to keep sunburns to a minimum.

Some dermatologists recommend using a face shield instead of a mask.

However you go about it, you must keep a bottle of water or a bottle for yourself or a friend.

If the sunburn is too severe, the bottle can also help you to stay cool and still.

If someone else is tanning with you, make it a point to wear the face covering for them as well.

For tips on sun protection, check the article: 9 Ways You Can Keep Your Skin Warm and Safe during Summer Tanning:

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