‘Sunkissing Tan’ is an alternative to ‘Sinkissing’: This is how to make a tan that lasts longer

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Wired – March 21, 2018Tana Mojo, founder of the website Tan and Shine, said the product is a form of ‘alternative tanning’, where customers wear the product for about 30 minutes and then wash the skin with water.

“The idea is to make it so that people are not exposed to the sun but to the skin,” she said.

“It’s more about the way we treat the skin and not the sun itself, which can damage it.”‘

I just want to have fun’Tana moJo, who said she started tanning in 2010, said she wants to encourage people to find ways to get away from the sun, but the most important thing was to have a good tan.

“I want people to have something to look at, so I want to be able to enjoy myself,” she told ABC News.

“There are many people who have never had a tan before who have been looking for a tan, and I want them to find it for themselves.”

MoJo said she decided to launch the website because of her personal experience.

“At the time, I had been in a relationship for a while and I had always wanted to be a tanner,” she explained.

“But I had no tanning experience and my relationship with my partner had been rocky.”

Then one day I just wanted to go back to that.

“We’ve had two kids now and I feel like it’s time for us to look after ourselves.”

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