How To Save $40,000 With Tan Leather Shoes

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By: Tara T. Hall and Erin S. Flanders-FerraraRead moreThe tan leather section of Nordstrom was the first retailer to officially drop the price tag for tan leather shoes.

And it’s not the only retailer that has lowered the price on tan leather footwear to $50 or less, according to Consumer Reports.

Nordstrom also lowered the sale price on its collection of premium tan leather sneakers, which were priced at $129.99 for men and $119.99.

They sold out immediately, so if you’re a woman who wants a pair, the only way to get them is to visit Nordstrom.

You can also get them for just $30 more at Macy’s or at Best Buy.

If you’re looking for a tan leather shoe, Nordstrom’s website says, “Tan leather shoes are the best for your feet.

These high-quality leather sneakers are a great option for everyday wear.”

They also recommend using the “Tan” or “Lipstick” color for your shoes, because they can “feel silky and comfortable to wear.”

So, the $50 price cut is good news for those who want a pair of premium, durable, and luxurious tan leather boots.

But, it doesn’t mean you can’t snag a pair for $30 to $60 less.

Here’s what you need to know.

Why the $40 price cut?

While Nordstrom is dropping the price of the shoes, it’s still $50 for a pair.

And you’ll still have to pay the difference between the regular retail price and the discount.

The difference will be $40 when you buy the sneakers, and $30 for the return shipping.

It’s a $50 difference.

If you want a more affordable pair, you’ll have to buy two pairs at a time.

The shoes will then be shipped back to Nordstrom for a $25 return shipping fee.

How to save $40 with tan leather ShoesHere’s what the retailer said about the price cut:The low price also comes with a price tag of $40.

When you combine that with the $25 shipping fee, you’re saving $40 for a regular pair of high-end, durable tan leather heels.

If, on the other hand, you don’t want to spend the extra money for a better pair of shoes, you can get a pair at a discounted price at Best Buys.

You’ll still need to pay a $15 return shipping fees.

Nostalgia, for some, is sweet.

That’s why the $45 price cut on the heels is such a sweet deal.

But for others, nostalgia is just another word for a price hike.

The high-fashion retailer, which is owned by American Apparel, dropped the price to $46 last year.

And, again, you could save $20 on a pair with the discount at Nordstrom, Macy’s, or Best Buy, according a report by Consumer Reports magazine.

So, there’s no excuse for a low price.

If the brand is making you sad, there are better ways to spend your money.

But if you want to avoid the high price tag, don’t shop at the Nordstroms and Macy’s in the first place.

Instead, head to the Nordys in a mall or Best Buies in a Target or Macy’s.

You’re not missing out on any savings.

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