Tan suede boot brand returns to court over claims it used misleading advertising

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Tan suedes are one of the hottest footwear trends of the year, but the company that makes them is still in the early stages of getting them to the market.

Tan suede, which is made by Tan Company, is one of those products that’s been around for years, and now the brand has filed suit in a Florida court to stop retailers from selling them in stores.

Tan suedee boots, as they are known, are available in a range of colors and styles, including the popular brown-and-tan suedes.

But in recent years, the company has been under fire for deceptive advertising, including claims that tan suede footwear can help protect against sunburn.

In its complaint, Tan Company says that its tan suedes aren’t made from a natural leather, but are synthetic.

This is because the suedes have been produced by a tannery and then cut and cured into various sizes, so they can be worn in different colors.

In this case, Tan suedees are also available in “shimmery” tan colors, and the company says that these colors are often “misleading and deceptive,” because they are used to sell shoes that are supposed to be “light.”

Tan suedes come in a variety of colors, but one of Tan’s most popular products is the tan suedé boots, which are designed to be worn with tan leather pants.

They are available for $140, or $175 for a pair.

The lawsuit says that the tan-colored suedes “were marketed as the best suede for tan skin.”

The company says it does not claim that the suede is any better for tanning, but that tan colors are sometimes “misled” as tan suedees can be used to tan.

In response, Tan is offering a $200 gift certificate to customers who buy the tan suits in-store.

The company says they have “no intention of ever going back to selling tan suedelike shoes again,” and it’s asking the court to dismiss the case.

Tan has filed a lawsuit in Florida against retailers who sell tan suedea, including Best Buy and Kohl’s, which it says are selling the shoes without proper labeling or proof that they are a tan suedee.

The complaint comes just a week after the company said it would stop selling tan shoes after receiving complaints from customers about the shoes, which were often in poor condition.

Tan’s chief marketing officer, Peter Rauch, told The Wall Street Journal that Tan is “not trying to sue anyone.”

Tan has also filed a complaint in the US District Court for the Northern District of California against a local clothing retailer, the National Retail Federation, for allegedly misleading consumers into buying Tan suedea.

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