Tano elizaalde, Tan vans: I’m a ‘lady’ and a ‘victim’ of immigration laws

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— Tano Elizalde has been the subject of a barrage of hate messages and death threats after she shared her story on social media.

In a post on her Instagram page Monday, Elizalde said she has been in the U.S. illegally for over 10 years and she is “a victim of the immigration system.”

“I am a Mexican woman with a disability, who was born and raised in this country.

My family and I have suffered, and I am a victim of this immigration system,” she wrote.

The post went viral on Monday, drawing dozens of thousands of views and thousands of shares on Facebook.

Elizalde said she was targeted on social platforms and through hate mail, and that she feared for her life.

She said the harassment started after she wrote an article about her experiences in the country.

“I’m a woman of color and I’m not the only one,” she said.

“We’re being targeted, and we’re being silenced.”

“People are calling us, saying, ‘What are you doing?

What are you talking about?'”

Elizaldes story has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

In her post, Elizaalde said the threats have escalated.

She said she received a threatening phone call from a person who said she could be shot and killed, or be deported to Mexico.

“They threatened to kill me and send me to Mexico, which is where I live,” she added.

“My mom and I are worried for our safety, and if this happens to me, I will not be able to be a citizen of this country for a long time,” she continued.

She also said she is facing legal bills of up to $50,000 for legal fees and legal fees to fight the threats.

Her attorney, Jorge Rodriguez, said his client has not yet received the threats, and he has not received any money.

“The threats that she’s received are not about her safety.

They are about protecting her from the death threats that they’re making to her,” Rodriguez said.”

There’s no reason for her to feel threatened.

She’s in a situation that she can’t protect herself from, so why should she feel threatened?”

The hate mail has come from both sides.

“It is completely irrational and completely unhelpful,” Rodriguez added.

“People are trying to hurt her, they are trying and they are sending her death threats.”

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, Rodriguez urged supporters to help Elizaldo in the fight against the threats and hate mail.

“Her fight is not over yet,” he said.

Rodriguez said he is confident Elizaulde will prevail in her fight against her hateful messages and threats.

“We are not going to give up,” he added.

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