Why I am now boycotting tanning salon in my hometown of San Diego, CA

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Tanya Ramsay, a vegan who’s lived in San Diego since the 1980s, has long been a critic of the city’s tanning industry.

As the daughter of vegan and animal rights activist Tanya and the sister of animal rights advocate Dorothea Ramsay who founded the San Diego Vegan Society, Ramsay has dedicated her life to ending animal exploitation.

As a result, Ramsays own business, Tana Ramsay Tanning, has been shut down.

“The city is completely ignoring the needs of animals,” Ramsay told the Huffington Post last year.

“There’s no way you can have animal-free food or animals in your town and still get the people to care.”

In 2013, Ramsesa and her family opened the Tana Tanning Salon in the city center, a space where the family can offer clients a tanning experience without having to worry about environmental concerns.

However, this year, Tanas owners began to find that their customers were having a hard time getting their desired tanning results, and that the salon was struggling to keep its patrons happy.

“It was a complete failure on our end,” Ramsays mother, Tanya, told The Huffington Post in an interview.

“It was very sad because we’re so used to tanning in the sun.

It’s so different, so different.”

Ramsays mother and her husband were told by the San Diego City Council that they were going to have to close their business.

They were so upset that the city had taken away their livelihood, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Tanya Ramsays sister, Dorothee Ramsay (left), is among the owners of Tana Tanners Salon in San Francisco, California.

The Ramsays opened their first salon in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1984.

Dorotheadas sister Tanya founded the nonprofit San Diego Vegans for Animals, and they have long been outspoken in their support for animal rights.

In 2016, the Ramsays won a prestigious Animal Rights Award from the American Animal Rights Society.

Tana Romsays salon in San Mateo, California is one of many that have closed in the wake of the San Bernardino terror attacks.

Ramsays family members said that the owners were struggling to maintain their business after a rash of vandalism in the Bay Area.

The owners also said that their business had become very difficult to run due to a lack of funds and other issues.

“We’ve had to put our business in a state of emergency because of this,” Tanya said.

“We are the ones that have had to shut down.”

Tanya said that she and her wife had already planned to open a second salon in Oakland, California, but that they never made it to the beginning of the planning process.

Ramses’ mother also said they would have loved to open their own salon in New York City.

However that decision was ultimately made to shut it down in San Jose, California due to the recent terror attacks that struck the Bay area.

The Ramsays have decided to not reopen their business in San Bernardino due to threats to their safety, and are now focusing on opening their own shop in Oakland.

Doratheas sister, Tania, has said that her family will remain open, and have started their own tanning line in San Bruno, California to keep their customers happy.

Tania Ramsays salon, in San Rafael, California., is one that has closed in San Diegos wake.

Tanya Ramsays, Tiana Ramsays son, and Tania Ramsay speak with the media during a press conference after she announced that her salon would be closing.

Tanya and Dorotheas sister Dorotheabals son, Tanyas son, talk to the media after the press conference.

(Photo: Getty Images)The Ramses and the Ramses family members have long advocated for a change in San Gabriel Valley, which they said is a prime location for the tanning trade.

Dora Ramses son, Dora, said that they are planning to reopen their own business in Oakland to provide a more humane alternative to tannery workers.

“Tanyas and Doroses son, Tranas, have already said that Oakland is a great place for us to continue to operate,” Dora said.

Trayvon Ramsay and his son, Lon, were shot and killed by police officers on June 28, 2017, in a shooting that has sparked outrage around the country.

The shooting has left many calling for the resignation of California Governor Jerry Brown, who has been outspoken against tanning.

The San Bernardino shootings, however, have prompted a renewed call for Brown to resign.

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