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AHSoka Tano Lightsaber is one of the most iconic characters from the Star Wars: A New Hope franchise.

But in recent years, the sword has become an object of fascination for collectors and hobbyists, and has even been used in some movies.

In the latest movie, A New Way to Die, Han Solo (John Boyega) uses the lightsaber to stop a stormtrooper from destroying a Jedi temple.

The lightsaber has become a popular item among collectors and has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent decades, with a 2013 book titled Star Wars The Art of the Knife (Harrison Ford) listing some of the swords in his collection.

But in a new report, a group of Japanese sword enthusiasts and sword-wielding enthusiasts from a small Japanese sword-making community say the blade is a fraud.

The group of hobbyists and collectors, including AHSokas founder Hasegawa Takashi, said they wanted to tell the world that the blade was not as ancient as it appeared in the films, and that the sword was not made by the same people.

“We wanted to prove that it was made by someone else, and not someone who made it,” Takashi told CNN.

The sword is a reproduction of the original design, which was produced in the late 18th century.

It is a one-handed, one-hand, one blade, or katana, and is considered by many experts to be the most famous sword in the world.

Takashi and the group hope to use the sword to raise awareness about the fake blade, and encourage the Japanese sword industry to produce authentic swords and replicas for collectors.

The new report came out ahead of the release of the next installment in the Star War saga, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, which hits theaters on December 15.

The report comes in the wake of a video that was posted on YouTube last month that purports to show a replica of the lightsaber with a metal sheath.

In that video, a man who identified himself as Hasekawa Tano (Han Solo’s father) claimed to be a master swordsmith and had spent years building a replica.

He was seen showing off a metal katana blade to a camera, which he said was made of stainless steel and silver.

But it turned out that the katana blades he was showing off were not the originals, and he had actually made a fake one made of aluminum, the report said.

“In a few minutes, he would explain the differences between the two katanas and the reason why the blade on the video was made from stainless steel instead of aluminum,” the report continued.

The man claimed that he had made the replica to raise money for charity, but he later told a local TV station that he never intended to sell the blade, which cost him nearly $100,000.

Tano said that he made the blades in response to the false claims of authenticity that were spread on the Internet, and said he never used the money to purchase any of the actual blades.

“I have never made any money off of this fake sword, I just want to put this fake blade to rest,” he said.

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