‘Escape to Paradise’ books sold in Mexico in 3 weeks

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“Escape” by Lauren Beukes and her husband, Matthew, sold out at a Las Vegas book store three weeks in a row in early February, and their publisher says they are “out of the woods.”

The couple, who have been best known for their books about the lives of former President Donald Trump, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that they were “stunned” when the shelves were full of the popular, best-selling novels that sold for $150 to $300 each.

In the first four weeks, “Ebleeds,” “Empire,” “The Unauthorized Guide to Being President,” and “The Art of Being a Celebrity” were all selling briskly.

But the couple, both 35, are now “stumped,” said the publisher, Simon & Schuster.

Their sales have been “staggering,” he said, but that the sales are so “very good” that the company is “sitting on the runway.”

“We’re sitting on the fence,” Beukes said.

“We just don’t know what to do.”

The Beukes’ publisher, Lauren Beuke, says their books sold briskly in March, April and May, but the number of orders they’ve received for June and July have dropped by 80% compared to the same months last year.

“The first book that sold that well was ‘The Unauthorised Guide to Becoming a Celebrity,'” Beukes told the Review-Journo.

“That book had 20,000 orders.

But I don’t think we’ve sold anywhere near that many in July.”

Besieged by sales declines, Beukes is trying to raise money for her company, the book publisher’s association, the Authors Guild of America, to help pay for the next three weeks of production.

“It’s not going to be easy,” Beuke said.

Beukes said the books are “trying to keep up with the demand,” but she said the company has not yet received any of the money from the authors.

The couple also said they have been contacted by the owners of a local bookstore who are offering to give them a book at a discounted price, and they are asking anyone who has received a copy of the books to write a review.

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