How to tell the difference between the tropics and the subtropics

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By: Anthony Vazire, BBC Earth editorThe tropics are a diverse, sprawling, arid landmass covered in vast forests and vast deserts, where rainfall is a trickle but there are many rivers and many lakes.

This is a part of the troposphere – the region where most of the heat and humidity is concentrated.

In the tropic, temperatures are high and humidity high.

The atmosphere has a strong positive pressure at this altitude.

This pressure can be measured as a barometric pressure.

In the tropopause, the pressure is less pronounced.

The tropic sunspots are the brightest part of our atmosphere, and the highest pressure is found in the southern latitudes, and higher in the tropically tropic regions.

In addition, the sunspot heights in the north-eastern parts of the continent are the highest.

At these high latitudes – those in the northern hemisphere – there is little variation in the sunspot heights in winter and summer.

This makes them suitable for the wintertime and the summertime.

On the other hand, in the eastern hemisphere, where the sun is less abundant, there is a marked difference in the summer and wintertime sunspotted heights.

In wintertime, the higher sunspott heights are found in areas of the eastern and southern parts of South America and Australia, where winter is shorter.

The south-easterly winds, which are very strong at this elevation, bring down the air temperatures in winter.

The high latitude of the equator also produces high wind speeds and the strong winds cause more snow.

The northerly winds are weaker and bring down lower levels of the atmosphere, while the equatorial winds bring down higher levels.

This cycle of weather patterns can produce large-scale rainfall, especially in the south-east of the world, particularly during the winter and in Australia, New Zealand and the Indian Ocean.

This pattern is known as the Australian winter rainfall, named after the location in South Australia where it is most common.

This seasonal pattern of rainfall is also known as an anticyclone, because the winds in the anticyclonic trough are stronger than those in a cyclone.

This can cause flooding in parts of Australia, particularly the South West.

The northern hemisphere also experiences a season of low pressure, which can be observed from northern India and parts of Southeast Asia.

This pattern of low-pressure weather is called a cyclonic trough, and is common in the Indian oceanic basin and is also present in the Pacific Ocean.

The low- pressure is generated when the high pressure drops away from the polar region.

During a cyclones season, the low-level winds in this trough can cause large-turbulence winds, called “bristles” that can bring down trees, power lines, power stations, and other structures.

Bristles and cyclones are the main reason why there are cyclones and hurricanes in the Northern Hemisphere.

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