‘I want a big house’: A young woman shares her dream of owning a luxury home

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Tanjordans resident Jordans is one of the few Americans in the world who can afford to buy a home.

The 37-year-old was born in Ghana and grew up in a small village outside of Port Loko.

Her parents moved the family to a small town outside of Lagos a few years ago and now she and her husband own their own home.

When she was younger, Tanjords family had a house that they owned for about five years and it was really good.

They had an old church, a swimming pool, a boat and a lot of other things.

But then it fell into disrepair.

They finally got it fixed and had to sell the house because of the damage, so they moved back in with their parents, and that’s how she got her house.

Tanjons parents, however, wanted to build a bigger house for her.

She was born with a disability and therefore they were going to build the house that was going to have a bigger roof and a bigger balcony, but she couldn’t afford it, so she started making her own decisions and decided that she wanted a house with a big yard, which meant she had to pay the money upfront and then they had to rent it out to someone.

She also wanted to buy it.

Tanjors family and Tanjants friends say that there is no one better qualified to own a house than Tanj. “

I really want to be able to have my own place where I can live and enjoy life, and I also want to feel like I’m part of the community, so I need to know what it takes to have the same lifestyle as everyone else.”

Tanjors family and Tanjants friends say that there is no one better qualified to own a house than Tanj.

She has been studying for a Masters degree in architecture, and she plans to work as a professional in construction.

TanJordans home is the most expensive in the city, according to the property market, and is currently the most sought-after property in Lagos.

According to a 2016 survey by the Lagos Institute of Urban Research, TanJords household cost of ownership in the Lagonese city is estimated to be about $5 million, or about 30 percent of the average income of a Lagosan household.

Tanjas family, however has not been wealthy enough to afford a home, but that has not stopped them from pursuing a dream to own their dream.

“My goal is to own my own home and be a millionaire, so that’s what I’m doing right now.

I’m trying to get money to buy the house,” Tanjs father, Tan Jordas, told National Geographic.

“When you look at the average household income, you know that if they want to buy, they have to pay for everything, and you can’t just get your house and live the life of the rich people.”

The Tanjordan family is one example of how an individual can buy a dream and find the funds to own it.

The TanJandas family has not paid taxes for five years, so Tanjandas children are being asked to pay their own way, while the rest of the family has been given subsidies to help pay for their education.

“The government is not paying taxes to help us pay for our education, but I’m paying the whole way,” Tan Jandas told National GEO.

“We have to get out of debt so we can live comfortably.

My plan is to build my own house and buy a bigger one, and then I’ll get my own apartment and buy another house and then have two more. “

What I want to do is to start my own business and start building my dream.

We can pay for it with our own money. “

Because we are going to get more money from the government, I’m going to buy bigger houses.

We can pay for it with our own money.

I will buy a larger house, a bigger home, and a better house.

I want a bigger and better house.”

When Tanjans family is not working to pay her bills, they also help pay their taxes.

Tan Jondas is the sole parent of three children and one grandchild, but her husband, Tan Mathis, is also responsible for the care of the other three.

The couple earns around $5,000 a month, but they are not wealthy, so when Tan Jannas needs extra help, they ask for donations from their friends.

“All our friends help out, even if it’s just $20,” Tan Maths said.

“Sometimes it’s $100, sometimes it’s something more, so we ask friends to help out.”

Tan Jarnas hopes that with her money, she can help to fund the education of her kids.

“If I could buy their education and then get their

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