‘Mystic’ tanning cream is ‘the most important cosmetic item I have’

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The “magic” that TanTan has become is the “most important cosmetic product I have,” according to founder Dorothea Tanning.

The founder and CEO of the tanning salon, who started her business at age five, said she is still inspired by the company’s founder, a woman who died in 2007.

She is currently on a mission to create a “magic tanning product” that will “change the world,” according a post on the company website.

It’s no secret that many beauty brands have embraced the “magic product” idea, with products like The Secret Ingredient and The Skin Perfector all making their way to the market in recent years.

But TanTan’s products have a more holistic appeal, including the idea of adding natural elements to your skin.

It is made from a combination of oils, and its ingredients include vitamin E, vitamin E rich cocoa butter, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12.

It is also a lot more affordable than other natural skincare options, according to Tanning, who said she plans to open up her tanning studio to the public sometime next year.

The company was founded by Tanning and her husband, who both started their business in high school.

She said she began by trying to find natural ingredients in cosmetics, but she found it was impossible to find the right ones.

“I really think that people have forgotten the value of nature and nature’s value,” she said.

“I think they are not really interested in making a cosmetic product, which is the most important thing.”

Tanning has launched several different tanning lines and cosmetics, including a line of “solar powered” products.

She has launched the “Solar Powered Tanning Cream” line, which was recently launched on Instagram.

Tanning said she hopes to release more products in the future, and said she will be open to feedback from the public about her product.

“The magic is there and it’s really amazing, and we are really excited about that,” she told ABC News.

“We are also really looking forward to getting feedback from people, because we want to know what the best way to use the product is, how do we use it, and what do we want people to think.”

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