Obama says tanning salon will open in Washington state

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BALTIMORE — President Barack Obama said Tuesday that he expects to have his own tanning parlor and tanning booth at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington by the end of the year, in part because the Smithsonian’s Center for African American History and Culture is planning to open a similar facility in Atlanta later this year.

Obama’s remarks, which came at a meeting with Smithsonian officials, came a day after the Smithsonian announced plans to build a new center in Atlanta for the study of African American history and culture.

“The Smithsonian will be able to have its own facility, and we are working with the Smithsonian to create a facility that will be comparable to the one in Atlanta,” Obama said at a joint news conference with Smithsonian Secretary Michael H. Dorsey.

“We want to be able, when the time comes, to be open to the African American community, to work with them, and to offer them services.

We also want to provide access to a museum for people to explore their history and our country’s history.”

The president also said the Smithsonian will open its new Smithsonian Museum of African-American History and the American Museum of Natural History by the year’s end.

The Smithsonian is also developing an expansion to its African American Heritage Center in D.C. A Smithsonian spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday.

Obama said the center will include a large collection of artifacts, including several African American portraits, from various African countries and museums, including the National Museum of American History in Washington.

We will have an exhibit, the President said, with a collection of portraits of African Americans that will reflect the diversity of the African-Americans community in the United States.

The Smithsonian’s center is already home to a large exhibit of African and African American American artifacts, Obama said.

He also said that the Smithsonian has partnered with the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum to expand its collection of documents on the Holocaust.

The president said he is also pleased to announce that he has selected an African American woman as the Smithsonian Director of Museums.

The African American museum, Obama told reporters, will be called the African Museum of the American Experience.

President Obama’s remarks are the latest in a series of announcements made in recent days.

In March, the Smithsonian unveiled a $2 billion plan to build its new African American Museum and Museum of Modern Art in Washington, D.S., and the first African American President, which is slated to open in 2018.

Also in March, President Obama announced plans for a new museum dedicated to the Black Panthers in Washington that will open later this summer.

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