Top 10 men’s tennis players of all-time

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Karpov (Russian)  He was known for his incredible strength, his power and his relentless drive, but Karpo was also a man of few words.

 In 2004 he was arrested on suspicion of the murder of a rival in a feud over a tennis racket.

He was later sentenced to death, but was exonerated on appeal and was freed on bail.


Djokovic (Croatian) It’s hard to think of a man as a bigger personality than Djokov.

His passion for tennis is legendary and his commitment to his game is legendary, and he was often criticised for being too easy on his opponents.

But Djokova was also known for being a ruthless competitor, taking the ball to every inch of the court, and winning by any means necessary.


Murray (Serbian) He played a phenomenal career and made history in his own right as he became the first player to win five Grand Slam titles and eight French Open titles in a row.

A number of other players have won their second major titles in the same year and Murray was one of the best.


Marin (French) The most famous of all the French Open winners was Marin, who won four Grand Slams and a French Open title in a remarkable career that spanned 14 years.

The 28-year-old Marin became one of France’s best players, winning seven titles and a pair of French Open championships in a career that also included a third Grand Slam title and a second French Open crown.


Andy Murray (British) Andy Murray is known for playing with style, and this was no exception.

He was nicknamed the ‘Beast of the Open’ because of his aggression and ability to take any point on the court.

Murray also captained his country to two major titles, winning Wimbledon in 2012 and Paris Masters in 2014.


Rafael Nadal (Croats) A number the world number one has won his two major championships in the last two years.

Nadal’s career spanned 11 years and five majors, and has already achieved two more titles.


Tomas Berdych (Russian): The world number two, Berdychan was born in Russia and has spent most of his career in the country.

He made his debut in 2003 at the age of seven in the Russian national team, and made his first Grand Slam appearance in 2006 at the tender age of 16. 

He has won six of his seven major titles and is still the best player in the world.


Stan Wawrinka (Polish) Wawrinkas first major title came in 2007 and his career sputtered to a halt when he was controversially banned for life by the ATP after an anti-doping scandal.

He eventually made his comeback to tennis with a World Cup title in 2013 and won three more major titles. 


Andy Roddick (Australian) Roddick is the best of the old-school Australian players.

He has won four titles and has won the Australian Open, Australian Open semi-final and Australian Open final.

He is also the first Australian to win a major title in 2018. 


Stanislas Rozendaal (Belarusian)Rozendaal is the oldest player in history to win three major titles but is still one of a very small group of players who has been able to do it all.

He won his first major with a Wimbledon title in 1993 and also won the French and Swiss championships.

He finished runner-up in his second major in 2007, and finished runner up in the 2008 Australian Open.


Stan Woods (Australian and British)The greatest Australian of all time is still playing today.

He also won five titles and reached the semi-finals of three majors.

He’s still playing at the highest level of tennis, but he’s also been known to lose his cool, and be a bit of a bully at times.

Woods is also known to get a little rowdy with players in other tournaments, and to have some of the worst tantrums in the sport.

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