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You probably know of a few titles, but do you know which ones are trending right now, or are they still a bit of a mystery?

If so, then it’s time to start searching the web for your favorite anime.

That’s because a new poll from The Anime Lists website has taken an interesting turn.

It was launched back in September, and the first few months were dominated by the titles which you may have seen on your favorite websites and social media platforms.

Now, however, the popularity of the anime genre is increasing, and a new trend has emerged.

There’s no single trend for anime, but instead there are several different sub-trends.

In order to get a good feel for which anime are trending in your region, The Anime Lists has partnered with AnimeJapan, which aggregates and distributes anime news.

The site has also launched an Anime List App, which is available for iPhone and Android, as well as for Android and Apple TV.

The Anime list app currently features over 250 titles, including new anime such as Akagami-san no Rondo and The Seven Deadly Sins, as seen on Crunchyroll.

The anime lists also include a wide variety of films and TV shows from different genres such as fantasy, action, sci-fi, and comedy.

You can even search for titles on your device or mobile device with the help of a smartphone.

However, there are still some anime titles you might want to avoid, such as One Piece, Sailor Moon, and One Piece: Crystal is Forever.

But before you start searching for anime to watch, we’d like to introduce you to some of the most popular anime titles on the market.

The Top Ten Anime Titles To Watch Right Now Here are the top ten anime titles to watch right now.


Akagumi ni Todoku ga Ushisara (2016)The sequel to Akaguchi-san (1996) is based on the manga of the same name by Kenji Tsuruya.

A woman who is the reincarnation of a warrior named Akagumo.

The heroine, Minako Kaname, is the daughter of a powerful king who was also the son of the previous king.

The story follows Minako as she becomes the reincarnated warrior and fights against the forces of evil and tyranny.

10/10 9.

Ajin (2016-2018)This is the fourth title from the series of anime which tells the story of a girl who must find her own identity after being adopted by a group of people.

This time around, the main character is Tohru Harukaze, a high school student who has been adopted by an older man named Akihiko.

The main character, Natsumi, has been living with Harukaki since childhood.

However she is still confused about her identity and how she feels.

10 / 10 8.

Akimasu wa Mirei (2017)A girl named Akimashi finds out that her adoptive family members are vampires, and she must find out who these vampires are before they kill her.

Akime is a young woman who can only understand one word in Japanese, which means “I love you.”

She has a strong love for her adoptive mother, who she is in love with.

Akimi is determined to get revenge on her adoptive father for the murder of her mother.

10./10 7.

Akino Kiyohime (2017-2018)- A girl named Ayane meets an old man named Akino and she starts to get involved with him, but is then approached by his family.

After Akino meets his daughter Ayane, the two decide to go on a date and decide to get married.

This series is based off the manga by Akira Toriyama.

7/10 6.

Yona Haru (2017)- A woman named Yona is a high-school student who lives with her adoptive parents.

She lives in a house that has been converted into a shrine, and is the only person there who has a certain degree of faith in their home.

She is the love interest of a mysterious man, who goes by the name of Yami.

Yonna’s love interest, Haru, is a mysterious figure who is often seen at the shrine.

5 / 10 5.

Shokugeki no Souma (2016-)This is a short series that tells the true story of the story about a man named Masa.

Masa was a boy who lived in a remote village in the middle of nowhere, and became obsessed with his father.

The father of the series, Koutarou Watanabe, was a novelist.

Watanabes novels were later adapted into various film and anime films.

5/10 4.

Akagi ga Hana ga Naru (2017-)A young girl named Akiha is the owner of a restaurant in a rural village.

Akiha and her brother Masaki are friends, and Akiha

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