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Tanning beds are a popular way of preserving skin and protecting it from sun damage, but how do you keep it looking fresh and youthful?

This article examines the best options available and offers tips for keeping skin looking fresh.


Keep it tanning bed material and colourThe most important factor in keeping skin fresh is maintaining the appropriate amount of material in your tanning beds.

It’s essential that you use only the right amount of tanning matting to ensure that you have the right kind of colour to make the skin look fresh.

You’ll want to ensure the matting is at least six inches (15cm) long and three inches (10cm) wide to ensure it covers the entire surface of the skin.2.

Keep the tanning area cleanThe key to keeping your skin looking as fresh as possible is to maintain the correct level of dirt, dust and debris in your bath tub.

This means using a towel to clean the tanneries and the area where you’ll be using it.

Make sure the towel has been scrubbed with mild detergent and that the towel is not damp.

The towel should also be cleaned regularly to ensure no skin cells remain on the towel.3.

Use a high quality tanning padThis is a great option to help ensure the skin feels fresh and shiny.

There are a variety of options for high-quality tanning pads available.

Most will cost $10 or less, but they may also have a “glue” to attach them to your skin and keep them in place.

For more information on buying high-end tanning kits, check out our guide to finding the best tanning products.4.

Remove excess skin from the tan bedThe tanning material is a major component of keeping skin healthy and looking fresh, and removing excess skin is an essential part of keeping your tan looking fresh too.

This can be achieved with two different techniques.

The first technique involves using a scrubbing scrub.

To use a scrub, gently wipe away any excess skin with a cloth or paper towel.

The skin should be scraped off as little as possible to allow any dirt and dust to be washed off.

Then gently scrub the surface of your skin with the scrub to remove excess material.5.

Apply a moisturising tonerThe second technique involves applying a moisturiser.

To apply a moisturizer, you can either apply a liquid or cream to the surface, depending on your skin type and how you’re going to use the tan.

To do this, first apply the liquid to your entire body and then gently massage the cream into your skin, leaving a slight layer of product on top of it.

The moisturiser should leave a smooth, slightly oily feel.6.

Rinse thoroughlyThe final step in keeping your body looking fresh is to rinse your skin thoroughly before applying your moisturiser or liquid.

This is to ensure you don’t have any excess product on the skin surface and to ensure there’s no dirt and debris that could damage the skin over time.

To help ensure that your skin is kept looking fresh after washing, the recommended amount of scrubbing you should do before applying the moisturiser is four times a week, depending the type of product.7.

Keep a dry towel handyFor those of you who have skin that is sensitive to the chemicals that cause skin ageing, you may want to consider using a dry cleaning towel.

You can either use a cloth towel or a cotton towel to wipe off excess dirt and sand before applying a cream or moisturiser to your body.

You should then rinse your towel off before applying any products.8.

Use gentle cleansing lotionsA gentle cleansing gel is also useful to help to keep skin feeling fresh.

To get the best results, use a small amount of a gentle cleansing product and use a cotton swab to gently scrub off any excess dirt, sand or other material from your skin.

After washing, apply the cleanser to the affected area.

If you need to use a dry cleanser, make sure it’s as gentle as possible.

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