The Sun’s Tanning School is on the brink of collapse

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A former Sun newspaper staff member has been sacked after it was revealed that some staff had been forced to work at the company’s Tannery for a week without being paid.

The staff member, who had been at the tanning shop for five years, said he had been told that it was not allowed to take on more than a small number of people in the same room.

The manager at the Tannery, who asked not to be named, said the company was trying to address the issue.

“We are currently in the process of revising our policies and procedures, including in regards to this issue,” he said.

We are taking steps to strengthen our culture and our processes.” “

As a result of this incident, we have been forced into taking action.

We are taking steps to strengthen our culture and our processes.”

He said there were some staff members still employed at the shop, but that they would be able to take a pay cut as a result.

“If we are able to resolve this issue, the situation will be rectified immediately,” he added.

The employee, who is also a former Sun journalist, said that he had already been warned that his future work in the newspaper would be in jeopardy if the Tanning Centre was closed.

Sun employees have been protesting for months at the factory, and have also started a GoFundMe campaign for their compensation.

They have raised $30,000 (£22,500) of their $1,200 (£9,200) goal to cover the cost of their legal fees.

The company is now facing a court action.

Sunsational Tanning Co, which produces cosmetics for the Sun, has faced scrutiny in recent years for its treatment of workers.

It was fined $50,000 in 2013 for failing to pay workers as required.

It also faced allegations of sexual harassment and gender discrimination in 2014.

It closed a tanning factory in 2012 after a whistleblower complained about the conditions.

Sun owners Peter O’Brien and Peter Hickey did not respond to a request for comment.

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